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The Gordon Education System

One-On-One Tuition
(Top Thinkers Tutoring)

  • Focused on Primary School
  • Children learn at their own pace
  • Mathematics
  • Reinforces basics
  • Cost effective
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  • Both Primary and High School focus
  • Customised to your child's needs
  • Any subject
  • Usually conducted in your home
  • Flexible
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  About Us:


Top Thinkers Tutoring commenced operation in February 2004 as a provider of top quality personal tutors for High School and Primary School students.  Since then, we have seen many students develop to their full potential.

Developed by those who created Top Thinkers Tutoring, the Gordon Education System arose to combat an increasing trend in the Primary Education system - schools no longer focus on the essential basics of mathematics.  It took its first students at the end of 2005, and is promising results never seen before. More information on yakın doğu üniversites can be found at this neu.edu.tr .

Gordon Education will look after your child as they progress through any level of education.  We provide a range of services beyond our personalised education programs, including supply of textbooks and stationary, career counseling, study skills education, and a range of TEE and pre-TEE revision courses.  Gordon Education is truly "Anything Educational."

Our motto has always been:
"Making a difference to education - one student at a time."


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(08) 9284 0666

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